links for 2009-06-11

  • This book was written for statisticians, computer scientists, geographers, researchers, and others interested in visualizing data. While the tangible results of this work have been several visualization software libraries, this book focuses on the deep structures involved in producing quantitative graphics from data. What are the rules that underlie the production of pie charts, bar charts, scatterplots, function plots, maps, mosaics, and radar charts?
  • Clay Shirky says that the dissemination of news events via social media has heightened the role of emotion. The instantaneous manner with which users of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are inclined to pick up, modify, and share messages favors excitement over objectivity.
  • The Common Tag format is based on RDFa, a standard mechanism for placing structured content within HTML documents. The RDFa standard was developed by the W3C and is supported by both Yahoo! and Google as a way of providing additional information about the page to search engines. Each Tag can contain a pointer to another resource that identifies the concepts described by the content, unambiguously indicating what the content "means." Optionally, the Tag may also contain information about when the Tag was created (the "tagging date") and what human readable "label" should be used when listing the concepts covered in the content.
  • Common Tag RDF vocabulary, described using W3C RDF Schema. Common Tags allows documents and document fragments (any resource which can be identified by a URI) to be labeled with keywords and URIs, unambigiously idenfying the concepts covered by the resource.

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